eProxim helps its customers by providing effective, rapid systems development, integration, and management.

As enterprises attempt to become adept at using new models like Mobile, Big Data, and Cloud, they are faced with the important question of how to reuse and extend existing applications, which are many years old in some cases. eProxim uses Grid, Cloud, and SOA to achieve fast, flexible integration for its clients, while making sure that qualities of service like reliability, security, performance, and auditability remain robust.

Since 1997, we have focused on how to help enterprises become better able to manage and run their technology. Our core value proposition is that we are SOA experts. We bring new, industry-leading technology solutions for persistent, expensive technology problems.

eProxim fills the void between organizational will and skill. Ask us to show you how we can help you build successful solutions in a fraction of the time you believe possible. Click here to contact us.

Our Senior Team

Our team is composed of senior technologists who have worked together for many years, as well as a young, energetic group of people spread out across the world.

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Jayant Chaudhary helps clients solve complex business problems with technology. With over 24 years of technology experience, and a well-developed ability to bridge the gap between business and technology users, he regularly receives accolades from clients for reducing complexity.

He leads teams to build high-performance, high-throughput systems for diverse industries, including travel, finance, and telecommunications. He has also published and presented articles on database systems.

As part of the senior leadership team at Flamenco Networks, he created the first SOA Management Framework and associated tools. He has also worked at Fortune 100 companies like American Express in senior leadership roles.

He has two Master's degrees, an MA in Management Systems from the University of Hull, United Kingdom, and an MS in Computation from the University of Manchester, also in the United Kingdom.


Byomesh Jha has 16 years of software industry experience. He has received much praise from clients for his ability to drive towards effective, balanced technology solutions. His experience includes senior technical positions at Fiserv and TST. Early in his career, he was the chief architect for Flamenco Networks, the first-ever SOA Management Framework. Byomesh specializes in high-speed systems for financial institutions.

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Martyn Tebby is the rare software industry veteran who forgets nothing, but keeps learning new tools and techniques. Equally at ease solving complex computational problems and mentoring developers, he sees the big picture that only becomes visible when you have, like him, 27 years in the software industry. Martyn has built systems for credit card processors, telecommunications, travel, security, and many other industries. He is also a contributor to several Open Source projects, including the R programming environment  for statistical computing and graphics.


Nicole Wlasichuk is the consummate Business Analyst and Project Manager. With about 20 years of experience in industries such as travel and hospitality, she regularly receives rave reviews from business clients and development team members. Her detail-oriented analysis and management skills are able to meet any challenge, whether it be deciphering XML messages or getting an errant project back on track.